Toronto family photography Prices

Family Photographer Prices in Toronto

Often couples are looking for a family photographer to document beautiful moments of their life and cost is an important factor in making a decision. We did the research for you and here are our findings. The average family photographer price in Toronto, Canada runs between $300 and $400 per session. The packages include between 45 minutes and 1 hour of coverage in a studio or outdoors. Some photographers include digital images delivered on a USB stick. Others charge that amount only for the "time and talent."

Toronto Family Photographers Prices

* Prices per session are in Canadian Dollars and do not include HST. Some packages do not include photos. The data is presented for informational purposes only. For a firm quote and to confirm availability, please contact the vendors directly.
Lucy Terna$500.00
Tara McMullen$500.00
Janice Yi$475.00
Mango Studios$395.00
Jeremy Sale$250.00
Amanda Simpson$500.00
Jenny Diaz$450.00
Photos That Work$250.00
Jessica Nip$350.00
West End$300.00
Shelly Ferguson$400.00
Have a Heart$300.00
Nikki Mills$400.00
Pamela Yool$200.00
GRS Studio$299.00
King Street Photo Studio$260.00
Yuki Noda$400.00
Neville Park$475.00
Viara Mileva$300.00
Krista Lii$500.00
Elle Marie$475.00
Raph Nogal$699.00
Natalie Chiu$200.00
Fun Love$300.00
Eden Grove$225.00
Kristin Peereboom$350.00
Helen Tansey$395.00
Sarah Andrews$399.00
Antonia Giroux$400.00
Markus Staley$250.00
Da Photo$195.00
Chelsea Kozlinsky$500.00
Lindsay Aylou$400.00
Vine Images$350.00