Toronto Wedding Photography Prices

How Much Does a Toronto Wedding Photographer Cost?

The typical bride and groom spend quite a bit of money on photography and of course, the most common question we receive is how much does a wedding photographer cost in the Greater Toronto Area. The average wedding photography price in Toronto runs between $3500 and $4500. There are photographers who charge amounts way higher, up to $10,000. The standard package includes 10 hours of photography and two photographers.

Toronto Wedding Photographers

*Prices include 10 hours of photography, 2 photographers. Taxes apply. The data is presented for informational purposes only. For a firm quote and to confirm availability, please contact the vendors directly.
1486 Photography$5,367
Agi Studios$4,463
Alexandra Jakubowska$2,600
All this happiness$4,600
Am Motion$2,900
Avenue Photo$3,842
Beautiful Life$3,500
Beautiful Life Studios$3,000
Ben Kane$4,208
Cafa Photography$5,085
Callum Pinkey$4,403
Captivate Photo Cinema$2,600
Collective 67$4,520
Corina V.$5,311
Dan Clements$3,330
Dastan Studio$4,746
David Morris$2,542
Derek Hui$4,294
Edris Daraian$3,955
Face Photography$4,400
Focus Photography$3,729
Frances Morency$4,000
Gillian Foster$3,842
Green Tea$6,000
Harvard Photo$5,185
HRM Photography$5,085
Isberto Weddings$3,955
Jamieson Dean$3,899
Janice Yi$4,294
Jennifer Ballard$3,955
Jennifer Moher$5,876
Julian Moniz$5,644
Julius and James$3,955
Just Klik Production$2,400
Lisa Mark$5,085
Lushana Bale$4,803
Maigan Cowen$3,650
Natalia Zuk$2,375
Olive Photography$5,650
Ondi Studio$3,800
Pavel Kounine$6,413
Photography by Calin$2,999
Raph Nogal$5,079
Rhythm Photography$5,085
Sage and Sea Co.$4,000
Samantha Ong Photography$3,499
Sarah Andrews$3,503
Scandaleuse Weddings$4,000
Scott Williams$5,367
Shlomi Amiga$3,729
Studio Arash$4,238
Studio Epic$3,786
Tamara Lockwood$5,085
Tara McMullen$7,458
Tara Weddings$4,746
Tied Photography$3,400
Xero Digital$3,915
Z Moulu$5,495
John and Samantha$4,875
Matt Trimble$2,990

What Determines Wedding Photography Prices?

With such a wide range of prices, it is only normal for one to ask oneself why we have such a wide palette of rates. Here are the main factors that determine the rates charged by a professional wedding photographer.

Number of Hours of Photography

This direct cost is one of the main factors that determine the price. A 12-hour wedding will definitely cost more than a 3-hour elopement. That is despite the fact most of the photographers' costs are overhead.

Number of Photographers

If you choose one shooter you will save a bit of money vis-a-vis the bride who needs three professionals. Please make sure that the second shooters are experienced as many boutique studios hire part-timers to document a nuptial.


The artist who is established has a solid customer and referral base and built a network of industry professionals will definitely charge more than the newbie. He will most definitely receive more inquiries than a new entrant in this industry.

Newbies do not have a portfolio to show. As such, they receive a very limited number of inquiries so they have to compete on price to convince the potential clients to book them. After all, the price is determined by the supply and demand. As the demand for a beginner artist is almost non-existent, the price is also low.

Branding and Marketing

If the artist is able to build a distinct brand, that will allow her to charge a premium price. Truth be told, it is very hard for a photographer to develop a distinct style as most cameras take the same photos and everyone has access to the same post-processing techniques. In the age of the internet, one can emulate a look in minutes by buying a preset.

Here is why Marketing is extremely important. Being active on social media, advertising on the channels with the highest impact is crucial for the photographer to be able to raise prices.


Advertising on print media is extremely costly and that cost is built in the packages. Even online blogs and magazines are not cheap.

Cost Structure

Each studio's cost structure is one of the main factors that impact the price tag. Rent is prohibitive in downtown Toronto, so if you chose to book one of the downtown studios, you need to realize that you and the other clients pay that $10,000 studio rent.

If you have the budget, by all means, hire one of the prestigious studios in the Greater Toronto Area. However, if you are on a tight budget, you might want to book an independent artist working in her basement who will deliver the same high-quality photographs at a fraction of the cost.

Albums and Prints

Printed products are expensive and if you love that Italian leather bound album, you will have to pay a premium. As the traditional printing industry is in a rapid decline, there are more modern products available but they come at a higher price tag. Nowadays the brides and grooms can opt for canvases, large prints or even metallic prints that will cost a few hundred dollars for a 20"x30" print.